Create your own 9 pack from the list below and please notate in the comments section your choice. We will happily make a pre-assorted surprise box for you if you so notate.


Milk Salted Caramel

Dark Salted Caramel

White Salted Caramel

Dark Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly

Milk Butter Pecan

White Butter Pecan

Dark Sour Cherry

Dark Maple Bourbon

Dark Espresso Vanilla

White Espresso

White Strawberry Jalapeno

White Key Lime

Ruby Key Lime

White Fireball

Milk Fireball

White Sangria Hibiscus Crunch

Milk Passion Fruit Champagne

White Blood Orange Caramel

Milk Mango Habanero

Milk Peanut Butter Whiskey

Milk Smores

Milk Cookie Butter Caramel

Dark Blueberry Lemonade

White Wild Berry Lemonade

Dark Mint Irish Cream

Ruby Hazelnut

Dark Sour Cherry Vanilla

Ruby Orange Vanilla

Ruby Pinapple Rum

Milk Orange

White Irish Cream

Milk Cookie Butter

White Cookie Butter

Dark Cookie Butter

White Mango

Milk Wild Berry

Milk Gingerbread Cinnabon

Milk Apple Cider Caramel

White Canteloupe

Milk Peanut Butter Banana

Dark Espresso Caramel

Milk Espresso

Milk Wild Berry Banana

White Raspberry Rose Crunch

Customizable 9 Pack